ENGINIUS Examination

The ENGINIUS Examination aims to recruit talented foreign students who wish to conduct scientific or technological studies in the higher education institutions in France and abroad.

Who can participate?

The ENGINIUS Examination is designed for students in preparatory classes (1st or 2nd year) or students of second university cycle in mathematics, chemistry, physics, mechanics, computer sciences, electronics, electrical engineering, materials science, etc…

Study Level

The students who wish to participate in the ENGINIUS Examination, can enter the following study levels:
– In the first year of engineering studies if the candidate is in the second year of scientific preparatory classes or has a corresponding BAC+2 level diploma validated
– In the 2nd year of the preparatory studies cycle if the candidate is in the first year of scientific preparatory class or has a corresponding BAC+1 level diploma validated

Examination Process

The Examination consists of written and oral tests which may vary according to the school or the targeted entry level.
The subjects concerned are: French, English, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


To higher education institutions planning to recruit students via the ENGINIUS Examination, we offer:

Personalised and customisable service: ability to select from several available solutions in order to ensure your recruitment activities are in line with your international strategy.

International exposure for your training courses and study opportunities among international students.

To students planning to take the ENGINIUS Examination, we offer:

International study opportunities: study experience abroad is a necessary element for your future international career and we make it possible.

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